Granger Twp F.D.

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Project Description

Client: Granger Township F.D.
Year Completed: 2018

New Sutphen Engine for Granger Twp. Fire Department, Medina, OH. Sensible Products Inc. worked with the apparatus committee as they were specing out their new apparatus. The equipment mounting was added to the apparatus specification so once the truck was completed at Sutphen Corporation it was delivered to Sensible Products Inc. Once the apparatus arrived at Sensible Products, a detailed equipment mounting plan was developed with the apparatus committee. In the first drivers side compartment, the existing shelf was moved down to better accommodate all water flow equipment. Chanl Panl added to the rear and side walls of this compartment and a black poly floor board was added to the shelf. All water flow equipment was mounted here including large diameter fittings, smaller couplings and adapters, nozzles, piercing nozzle, foam eductor, and mallets. A black plastic welded divider was made for the lower portion of this compartment to hold the low level strainer and leave room for additional equipment. In the second drivers side compartment, the out/down slide out unit was moved up to better accommodate the need for spare bottles underneath it. A plastic welded divider was made to hold 3 spare air bottles and a place for tarps. On the out/down slide unit, a chain saw, electric chain saw, and K12 saw were mounted here along with a pocket for saw parts, post for extra saw blades, and a bracket to hold TruFuel and bar oil. In the third drivers side compartment, Chanl Panl boards were added to each side of 2 vertical slide outs. A Fu Bar, pick and flat head axe, bolt cutters, RIT Pack, shovels, and pike pole were mounted here. In the rear of the apparatus, a black poly floor board was added and a PPV fan was secured. In the third passengers side compartment, a Chanl Panl wall board was added in the upper portion of this compartment, and barrier tape and hotel pack were secured. In the lower portion of this compartment, a Chanl Panl wall board was added for future use, a black poly floor board was added, and 2 generators were secured. In the second passengers side compartment, a Chanl Panl wall board was added and 4 SCBAs were mounted. In the first passengers side compartment, a Chanl Panl wall board was added in the upper portion of this compartment for future use, and a plastic welded divider assembly was made for the bottom slide out to hold fire extinguishers and oil dry. Various equipment including a TNT tool, streamlights, irons, and traffic signs were mounted in the cab. A custom plastic welded map box with cup holders was also made for the cab. All equipment was labeled with red/white tags. This truck was completed in 5 days.

Go In-Service

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