Project Description

Client: Wadsworth Fire Department
Year Completed: 2017

Wadsworth Fire Department, Wadsworth, Ohio. New KME Rescue Pumper. Sensible Products Inc. started working with the truck committee when the specifications were being developed. We encouraged the committee and the department to not spec in any aluminum slides or trays in the cabinets and to let Sensible Products work with the committee to design and develop a detailed mounting plan for the equipment. In this plan we established the locations of slide out panels, floor slide units, out/down slide units, and fixed and adjustable shelving required in all 6 compartments. The total list of these accessories is as follows: One vertical slide out panel 24″ x 56″, one Swing Out Tool Panel 24″ x 48″, one floor slide unit 24″ x 42″, one out/down slide out 24″ x 42″, one out and down unit 53″ x 24″, one floor slide out 24″ x 40″. Also included were two fixed shelves, six aluminum adjustable shelves on unistrut, and two fixed aluminum vertical panels to secure the interior structure of the shelving and slide units. Also included in the mounting process was a fabricated plastic welded SCBA bottle storage for 10 cylinders with a cargo safety net. Also included was a plastic welded divider on a floor slide to mount and secure three fire extinguishers, cord reel, and vent fan. The first drivers side compartment included all water flow equipment mounted on the vertical slide panel and on adjustable shelves. Per the picture, the side of the shelves are open as to provide a clear view of all equipment in this compartment. The second drivers side compartment contained approximately ten forcible entry and hand tools on the swing out panel and the fixed shelf in the rear utilized space in this deep compartment. Brooms were able to be mounted on the underneath the shelf. Third drivers side compartment contained a vent fan, cord reel, and fire extinguishers all secured by the plastic welded divider. The upper out/down unit contained two saws, saw parts, fuel mix, and extra blades. Also in this compartment was a Little Giant Ladder separated by an aluminum panel put in by Sensible Products. The drivers side of this apparatus is all fire oriented equipment. The first passengers side compartment has adjustable shelves to match the compartment on the opposite side of the truck, two SCBAs mounted on rear wall, along with the fabricated plastic welded storage box for ten SCBA cylinder bottles. Also mounted in this compartment were two portable lights. Second passengers side compartment contained an out/down slide out which holds the Kodiak jack kit and the ability to hold other rope bags and/or the RIT pack. This compartment, like the drivers side, has a shelf mounted in the rear of this deep compartment to utilize space that holds the salvage covers and miscellaneous equipment. The third passengers side compartment contained one floor slide unit for the extrication equipment with an adjustable shelf above it to hold additional extrication equipment. This compartment also included two adjustable shelves and a small floor slide that holds the winch that can be mounted on the truck. All equipment was labeled with red/white tags to identify equipment and locations. This truck was completed with all shelving, slides, trays, custom components, and all standard mounting brackets in 6 business days. Working with the committee during the specification of their truck allowed them to work with us on a detailed mounting plan and ultimately save the department money in the long run by having us install some components usually done at the manufacturer.

Go In-Service

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