Wooster Twp. FD 2018

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Client: Wooster Township F.D.
Year Completed: 2018

New KME for Wooster Twp. Fire Department, Wooster, Ohio. Sensible Products Inc. met with the Fire Department prior to the truck arriving at Sensible Products to discuss an equipment mounting plan. Once the truck arrived at Sensible Products a definite equipment mounting plan was put in place based on the equipment on the truck. On the drivers side near the pump panel where there was existing PAC Trac installed, a set of spanners and a mallet were mounted. In the first drivers side compartment, a Chanl Panl rear wall board was mounted and a Masterstream, several nozzles, flares and elevator keys were mounted. A custom plastic welded box was made to hold sprinkler tools. In the lower section of this compartment, a black poly floor board was mounted and a custom plastic and aluminum slide out tray was installed. On the tray were several water flow appliances. In the second drivers side compartment, PAC Trac was already installed on the rear wall from the manufacturer. Sensible Products used their water flow mounts to mount several LDH fittings, couplings, adapters, caps, nozzles, and a piercing nozzle. In the third drivers side compartment, a Chanl Panl rear wall board was added and 5 fire extinguishers were mounted. In the lower portion of this compartment, a black poly floor board was mounted and a chain and rotary saw were mounted along with a post for extra saw blades. In the rear of the apparatus, a black poly floor board was added and 2 fans and a fan bar were mounted. A small half shelf was also added in this area to hold the hydrant bag. In the fourth passengers side compartment, the existing top shelf was lowered and a Chanl Panl rear wall board was mounted. In this area the high lift jack, Kodiak jacks, chains, and hand pump were mounted. On the middle out and down slide out unit, a black poly floor board was mounted and a 2 rams were mounted with plastic welded dividers. On the lower slide out, a black poly floor board was mounted and a cutter, spreader, and generator were mounted. A custom plastic welded bracket was mounted on the back wall to hold hoses. Nothing was mounted in the third passengers side compartment, as everything was already organized and labeled. In the second passengers side compartment, Chanl Panl was mounted to both sides of the vertical slide out and a pipe wrench, 2 bolt cutters, pike pole, alligator tool, claw tool, cords/adapters, and 2 barrier tape were mounted. Also in this area a Little Giant Ladder, pry bar, portable light, crash axe, and small sledge hammer were mounted. In the first passengers side compartment, air bags were secured in the top area of the compartment. Traffic signs were mounted on  a black poly board on the underneath side of the shelf up and out of the way with mounting clips for easy access. In the cab area, PAC Trac was already installed in some areas for mounting. On the PAC Trac, Sensible Products mounted a flat head axe, sledge hammer, halligan, and AED. Also in the cab, Sensible Products fabricated a plastic welded map/storage box that mounted to the dog house to hold clip boards, notebooks, and a Ipad. All equipment was labeled with red/white tags. This truck was completed in 4 days.


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