Project Description

Client: Canton Township F.D.
Year Completed: 2016

New Pierce Ladder for Canton Township Fire Department, Canton Township, Ohio. Sensible Products worked with members of the Fire Department to determine equipment locations and layout when the truck and equipment arrived at Sensible Products Inc. The equipment was mounted as to package disciplines of tools and equipment together. The first drivers side compartment contained water flow equipment, hose rolls, and ventilation fan. A Chanl Panl board was mounted on the back wall and all water flow equipment was mounted to it. Nozzles were mounted on vertical posts on a shelf. A plastic welded divider by Sensible Products was mounted in the lower portion of the cabinet to secure and separate hose rolls, fan, etc. The second drivers side compartment contained forcible entry tools and extinguishers. Chanl Panl boards were mounted in both areas of this cabinet and all tools and three extinguishers were mounted. In the third drivers side compartment, a Chanl Panl wall board was mounted and cord adapters, barrier tape, and safety belts were mounted here. A chain saw was secured on the shelf. In the lower portion of this cabinet, the shelf had a hole cut out of it to allow the cones to be stacked in this area up through the shelf. A winch and rotary saw were also mounted in this area. A pocket was mounted on the wall for extra chains, gloves, etc. The rear of the apparatus contained tarps and salvage covers. In the third passengers side compartment, a Chanl Panl wall board was added for future use, and a black plastic board was added in the lower portion of this compartment on the tray to hold cribbing and Kodiak jacks. In the 2nd drivers side compartment, a Chanl Panl wall board was added for future use and a custom plastic welded divider by Sensible Products was mounted to secure and separate rope bags and a RIT Pack. The first passengers side compartment contained extrication equipment, air bags, and battery tools. A Chanl Panl wall board was added to mount battery tools, a shelf was lowered and cut in half to allow for a separate place to mount the air bags. The air bags were mounted on a shelf secured with a strap. In the lower portion of this cabinet a black floor board was mounted and the cutter, ram, and spreader were all mounted with custom mounts by Sensible Products and step chocks secured. A custom cargo net was added above the pump panel to allow for use of this space but with the added security of the cargo net. Two Chanl Panl boards were mounted in the cab to mount two Streamlights, claw tool, irons, and NY hook. Several other small custom items were mounted in the cab and throughout the truck to make it safer and user friendly. All equipment was labeled with red/white engraved labels. This truck was completed in 3 1/2 days and was ready to go in service when leaving Sensible Products.

Go In-Service

  • Match your equipment to our mounting products listed in our catalog. Custom mounts are available upon request. We will ship all mounting products complete along with mounting hardware. This will allow you to plan, layout, and mount all equipment at your facility.
  • Contact us for help designing boards or configuring cabinets based on your equipment list. We will ship complete boards to you, ready for installation.
  • Send us your apparatus and accompanying equipment and we will do all the layout, fabrication, and installation. Your apparatus will be completely outfitted and ready to Go In Service when it leaves our facility! Contact us for outfitting large fleets as well.